My mom taught me the values of working hard, caring for your family, and making sacrifices for your community.

Always leave a place better than you find it,” my mom told me when I was young.  And that’s what I work to do.

As a young engineer, I repaired schools and hospitals in war-torn Bosnia, designed water systems in Kosovo, and worked with our troops to secure the peace.  I worked as a planner for a regional water district, helping provide clean water for urban and rural communities.  I co-founded a public-private partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while streamlining government red-tape for housing development. And I stood up to corporate interests not paying their fair share.

My roots are in the 2nd Congressional District – my family lives and works across central, eastern, and southern Oregon.  Oregon is home, and its values are my values.  I respect courage and honesty, honor hard work, and know everything we do is ultimately about our families and community.

I want to replace Greg Walden in Congress because our region needs a champion for rural communities and progressive solutions. We need a representative who advocates for good healthcare; Walden bows to insurance companies. We need good-paying jobs and should develop solar and wind-power jobs; Walden promotes nuclear and fracking.  We need someone who honors the sacrifices Oregonians make for their families and our country.  Walden has lost touch with that.

Walden’s 18 years in Washington DC changed him. As he climbed the DC political ladder, he forgot that he works for us.  He became part of the swamp.

Walden’s Trumpcare does not align with Oregon values. Even Republican politicians admit it is a disaster. It takes healthcare from the hard-working people who need it and gives tax cuts to the wealthy.  Healthcare costs will explode for people over 40. Without affordable care, older Oregonians who need medical care could go bankrupt. This bill threatens young families as well: what will you do when you want to change jobs, grow your family, or your uninsured parent gets sick?  We should be investing in families, not punishing them for caring for each other.

During town halls, Walden promised us he would not abandon people with pre-existing conditions.  He didn’t have the courage to be honest with us.  And our economy?  Fewer patients in preventative programs means fewer healthcare jobs.

If we want to change Washington DC, we have to change who we send to represent us.  This is my home, I honor Oregon values, and I will represent the people of our District – not corporate interests.  Government needs to know when to help and when to get out of the way.

Between now and the May 8th primary, I will be meeting with folks in all 20 counties.  Check my “Upcoming Events” to find out when I’ll be in your area.

Hope to see you out there,

The most important things are family and community. My family enjoys hiking together.