McLeod-Skinner for Congress, for Oregon

My mom taught me to work hard and “always leave a place better than you found it.” And that’s what I’ve done.

My mom taught me the values of working hard, caring for your family and making sacrifices for your community. She used to say: “Always leave a place better than you find it,”  And that’s what I work to do.

As a young engineer, I repaired schools and hospitals in war-torn Bosnia; designed water systems in Kosovo; and worked with our troops to secure the peace.  I was a planner for a regional water district where I helped to provide clean water for urban and rural communities.  I co-founded a public-private partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and streamlined government red-tape for housing development while I stood up to corporate interests who were not paying their fair share.

My roots are in the 2nd Congressional District – My family lives and works all across central, eastern, and southern Oregon and it is my home. Its values are my values. I respect courage and honesty; honor hard work; and know everything we do is to support our families and community.

Our region needs a champion for rural communities and progressive solutions. We need a representative who advocates for good healthcare. We need good-paying jobs which include the further development of solar and wind-power. We need someone who honors the sacrifices Oregonians make for their families and our country.

If you want to change Washington DC, I am your candidate.


The most important things are family and community. My family enjoys hiking together.

I would love to meet you! – Between now and the May15th primary, I will be meeting with folks in all 20 counties.  Check my “Upcoming Events” to find out when I’ll be in your area.

It is my goal to learn what is important to you and how I can be of service to you and your family.

I am looking forward to seeing you out there,