The Bulletin: “Democrat forum in Bend talks of challenging Walden”, Nov. 13 2017

The Bulletin in Bend covered last night’s candidate forum, jointly hosted by The Vocal Seniority and Indivisible Bend.  Here are some quotes from Jamie:

On climate change
“On this issue, those of us who have gray hair should be apologizing to the children for what we’re handing over to them,” McLeod-Skinner said. “It’s shameful.”

On taxes

The tax code should incentivize access to higher education and include a two-year rolling tax system for family farms, which can be devastated by one bad year, McLeod-Skinner said.

“Taxes are not bad things,” she said. “That’s how we pay for our infrastructure.”

On flipping Walden’s district

“We need to show that we’re committed to solving problems, to helping local communities solve local issues,” McLeod-Skinner said.

Read the full article here.

Watch a video of the entire forum, posted by Indivisible Bend on Facebook, or Vocal Seniority on YouTube.

KPOV in Bend, 88.9 FM, has audio from the debate on

The Morning Buzz with Cliff Tarpy

On Nov 13, 2017, Jamie was interviewed on Cliff’s Morning Buzz radio show, where they discussed important issues in the district.  Cliff also encouraged his listeners to come to the Cook Memorial Library in La Grande on Tuesday to meet Jamie.

Click the “Play” button to listen to the 17 minute recording.


Blue Mountain Eagle: Letter to the Editor: “House Resolution 2936 sells out Oregon”

Grant County’s newspaper printed Jamie’s letter to the editor on Nov 7, 2017:

“Wildfires are a problem for Oregonians and selling out our natural resources, endangered species and public process is not the answer, and that is why I oppose HR 2936.

Wildfires affect Oregonians in a profound way. The threat to housing, loss of grazing land for cattle, the high cost of replacing fencing – not to mention the veterinary supplies and medications needed to sustain the herd after such a tragedy – is a great strain on the farmers and ranchers. Add to this the devastation of the land that we all hold dear, and the impact of wildfires is almost unimaginable.”

Read the rest of it here.

Herald and News: “Democrats line up to oppose Walden”

Coverage of the annual Klamath County Democratic Central Committee fundraiser, Saturday October 14 at the Shiloh Inn in Klamath Falls. Excerpt about Jamie:

Jamie McLeod-Skinner: A former law clerk for Judge Cameron Wogan, McLeod-Skinner has extensive experience in water law. She advocates for a water agreement for the Basin similar to the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement that failed to pass Congress. She favors internet neutrality, sustainable forest management and promotes renewable energy. “We need to focus on solving local issues with local people,” she said.”

Read the full article here.

Herald and News: “District 2 Democrat campaigning against Walden”

The Herald and News in Klamath Basin profiled Jamie for their September 17, 2017 issue.

Expressing the view that there is too much divisiveness in partisan politics, McLeod-Skinner said, “I’m a big fan of people over party. A lot of the values that I associate with Democrats is taking care of your family, putting food on the table, having a stable job and health care. But those are what a lot of my Republican friends espouse, too.

Read Gerry O’Brien’s article here.

The Rogue Valley Messenger: “Is Walden’s Time Up? Jamie McLeod-Skinner Believes She Can Better Represent Oregon”

Jamie was interviewed by Phil Busse for The Rogue Valley Messenger, September 14, 2017. Here’s an excerpt:

RVM: Is this too big of a district?

JMS: The size of the district makes it challenging. In the past two months, I’ve driven over 5,000 miles to meet voters in the places where they live and work to develop relationships and hear about their challenges and aspirations for their futures. But in another sense, we represent our country in many ways: we’re a mix of urban and rural, red and blue, and everything in between. I love that about our district. And while our nation is mired in political bickering, communities around our district are working together to overcome local challenges. From the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement to the Sage Grouse Solution, Oregonians have shown that we come together—from across the political divide—to solve problems. Unfortunately, that great work has not been supported by our congressional representative. I am committed to supporting local solutions that meet overall goals. In this regard, our size and diversity have been our strengths.

Read the full interview here.

KBND: “Democrats Prepare To Take On Walden In 2018”

From KBND Newstalk, Bend, OR, July 14 2017:

Water systems expert Jamie McLeod-Skinner, of Terrebonne, says she launched her campaign last week to have as much time as possible to reach voters. “It’s arguably early, but it’s a very large district. And so I’ve been out and about all over the district, from north, south, east and west.”

Read the full article here.

Listen to the audio here. The segment on the CD2 race starts at 01:00 and ends at 2:07.

Medford Mail Tribune: “McLeod-Skinner will run for 2nd District nomination”

Excerpt from the Medford Mail Tribune, July 2, 2017:

“I think there will be backlash because of so many people being hurt by the reductions in health care,” said McLeod-Skinner. “Folks in office need to know when to step in and when to get out of the way. [Walden] has failed on both measures.”

Read the full article here.

Medford Mail Tribune: “Phoenix city manager’s background might surprise you”

Excerpt from the Medford Mail Tribune, Dec. 21, 2016:

Building healthy, safe communities has been a primary focus for new Phoenix City Manager Jamie McLeod since her childhood spent in Africa… “I grew up with tremendous adversity (in Africa),” says McLeod… “It very profoundly shaped my senses of ethical government, of governments that care for people.”

Read the full article here.